Riderwood Speech- Language Pathologist is dedicated to seniors

by Corrinne Lennox
Resident Writer

“I never wanted to work with kids,” said Diane Morehead, Speech-Language Pathologist at Riderwood, “my passion is working with adults. Kids,” she goes on, “have to be motivated by fun and play, adults just want to get better.” The irony of Diane’s statement is that she, while eminently qualified in her profession, is all about fun.

Diane was born in Wisconsin. Taking an aptitude test after high school, she learned she was best suited for becoming either a forest ranger or a speech pathologist. After completing the Master’s degree program in speech-language pathology at San Francisco State, she began her therapy career in Montgomery Station, at Riderwood.

What exactly does a Speech-Language Pathologist do? “I don’t just work with speech and language, “she says, “I help persons with problems swallowing and others with their voice issues. I teach others problem-solving and reasoning skills so they can accomplish their goals.

“Frequently persons cannot come up with the words they need, daily. We work on strategies that allow them to retrieve those words

“And I can help Baby Boomers so that in later years they need me less. Many younger residents don’t realize that their memory problems are common and frequently can be bettered.

“I individualize help to each client. I learn their histories, needs, and concerns. And we have fun. Riderwood has a good population—people here want to live to their fullest potential.”

What is the most important thing Diane would want us to tell people? “Tell them I can help. I perform memory screenings every quarter. I give assessments to everyone so we can document any changes. Any Resident, through their doctor, can make an appointment to see me.”


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