Conversations with Administration – February 2017

wendy-ferrisBy Wendy Ferris
Associate Executive Director

Please come and join the next “Conversation with Administration” at 2:00 pm on Thursday, April 20, in Lakeside Commons’ Encore Theater.

This monthly meeting provides an opportunity for residents to share concerns and receive feedback. They also help Administration understand what we can do to improve customer service. Questions and answers may be altered or rephrased for this column without changing the accuracy of the information presented.

The following reflects the highlights of Conversation with Administration conducted in February.


• In our Dining Department, we are glad to launch the Signature Dining program. We will begin to layer in specials on the menu. We plan on adding new specials every two weeks. We will eventually have a complete specials menu that we will rotate on a weekly basis. The goal for the special menus is to be able to respond to customer feedback quickly and to test future items and test them. Please look for these great additions to your dining experience. After April, we will print and make available all of the campus menus in a packet.

• In updates with our General Services Department, we are continuing with our exterior lights repair. We have completed some underground wire work and are working with our vendor to finalize the remainder of the work. We are continuing our exterior door project and should finish the work on campus. We will continue to distribute new badges to our residents. The flagpoles have been repaired, and the finials have been put in place. We have installed 8 of the ten heating units in the links. The last two will be installed at the end of this week.

• In our Sales updates, we started 2017 with 95.8% occupancy. As compared to last January we have increased our occupancy by 1.3% from last year. Our business plan called for 14 settlements, and we beat that by settling a total of 16 apartments. Our plan for February is to settle 16 apartments, and we are likely to settle 20 apartments. We should be very proud. Currently, we have 69 available apartments, of which 19 of them have holds on them. We could not have had such a successful year without the help and hard work of our residents who show prospective residents what a great place Riderwood is to live.

• If you have a concern that someone is parking in your reserved spot, please let security know. We will make reasonable efforts to locate the person and request that they move their car.

Questions and comments by Residents:

1. Do you have an update on the staff directory?

We will find out when the updated directory will come out.

2. What do I do if I feel a draft in my apartment coming from my window?

Please contact General Services, and we will address your issue.

3. Can you explain the Choice Meal Plan or the Declining Balance Meal Plan and when will this occur?

This certain amount of dollars in the month. The meals will vary in price. For example, a bowl of cereal and orange juice for breakfast will cost less than that evening’s prime rib dinner. Each meal will decline the meal plan balance accordingly. In this fashion, a resident can balance their meal choices with the number of points they have remaining on their monthly allotment. Currently, we will be forming focus groups and start the process of getting resident feedback on whether this is a workable meal plan. There is no date set yet for when the focus groups will start.

4. Can you give us updates on when our cable will go to high definition?

Comcast started transitioning residents’ cable service to high definition in Charlestown in February. They experienced some challenges that delayed their completion. They have since worked through these issues and will soon complete Charlestown. The transition at Riderwood will begin in March, and we will benefit from the lessons learned at Charlestown.

5. Can you tell me why the new badges don’t have our apartment numbers on them?

The new badges are a corporate standard, and it was decided that to allay any concerns with HIPAA compliance, there would be no identifying information on the badges except for the resident’s name. From a security standpoint, in the future residents’ doors will also be accessible using the same badge. We do not want your apartment number on your badge especially if the badge is misplaced and someone finds it.

6. What do we do if the card room is too cold?

If any room is uncomfortable, please contact general services or any front desk staff, and they will make sure that the room temperature is adjusted.

7. How long will the keys for the exterior doors continue to work?

Please hold on to your exterior doors for the time being. They will continue to still work for the near future. We will give notice well before they will no longer work.

8. I would like to commend our drivers who do such a great job transporting us safely and efficiently on and off campus.

Thank you for those kind words.

9. Can I receive a copy of the new Resident Care Agreement for a prospective resident?

Please stop by the sales office and they will gladly assist you.

10. How is a press alert alarm handled when I am not in my apartment?

Security is provided the location from which the press alert came. Security starts there to find the resident. If the resident is not there, we will then fan out until we locate the resident. Sometimes, in the case where a resident may accidently activate the press alert and then leaves the area, and it is not possible for the resident to be located, security will go to the resident’s apartment and leave a red tag notice. This is because the press alert must be reset before it can alert again. The resident should contact security so that the press alert can be reset.

11. Can you remind people to stop at the stop signs?

Please remember to obey all traffic rules and stay within the campus speed limit.


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