2017 Bocce season kicks off April 10

by George J. Galasso
Bocce Club Chair

Although we have not had a severe winter, it certainly has been a strange one. There were many days we could have been out there playing Bocce. It is good to announce that the Bocce season is finally upon us. We will begin our 2017 season on Monday, April 10.

This year we held a special meeting on March 15 for all who have expressed an interest in Bocce, i.e. all who have submitted their e-mail address to BocceRide@gmail.com in the past or seen the meeting advertised on the Bulletin Boards. There was an excellent turnout, and after deciding to start our season on April 10, we decided to have organized play every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10 AM till noon, as we did in past years, which allows players to beat the heat of summer. However, some residents have expressed interest in later times. At the end of last season, we added Mondays at 1 PM which proved to be popular. This year the group decided to make this a regular session. Therefore, we will continue our schedule of the past and add Mondays from 1-3 PM.

A critical component to the success of Bocce is the Group Leaders. These are the individuals who commit to being there on a given day of the week to set up the courts for play i.e. get the equipment and sweep the courts to assure a smooth field of play. Three volunteers are needed for each session. Consider this a request for volunteers; if you would like to do so, please notify George Galasso or Lou Ferguson. Without Group Leaders there could be no Bocce.

For those of you who are not familiar with Bocce, it is a simple lawn bowling type game that is easy to learn, requires little effort, easy on the joints, and lots of fun. Our courts are located across the parking lot from the tennis courts and behind Arbor Ridge. We have devoted lady and gent players, most of whom never saw a bocce court before coming to Riderwood. During the first couple of weeks, we will have sessions for first time players with excellent instructors. Join us – you should give it a try. You can learn to play in minutes, and we can promise you will enjoy it, both the game and meeting new friends. Also, you are outside enjoying that fresh air, gentle breezes, and the beautiful ambiance Riderwood’s landscaping provides.

Riderwood TV has produced a film, “What is Bocce” which will air on April 5th, only 5 short days before the start of the Bocce season. During the year we will have Bocce tournaments with other communities and our annual competition against staff.


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