Special Trips provides residents opportunities to get off campus, enjoy new experiences

by Janet Birchfield
Special Trips Coordinator

While Riderwood offers numerous opportunities for residents to learn, grow and engage in life around campus, Special Trips provides you the chance to get off campus and enjoy new experiences outside of Riderwood. Each monthly schedule of trips offers a variety of outings to plays, museums, historic venues, musical performances, restaurants and more. Even if you still drive, there are benefits to going on a Special Trip. One obvious reason is the hassle-free, door-to-door transportation. You don’t have to deal with the stress of driving on the often congested roads in the greater Washington, DC area, or having to find convenient, sometimes expensive parking. Leave that in the hands of our patient, capable drivers, and sit back to engage in conversation with your seat mate, enjoy the passing scenery or a quick nap. You also benefit through lower Group Rate ticket prices for the majority of ticketed events. Often a special group tour is scheduled on gallery trips to deepen your appreciation for a featured exhibit.

The Special Trips calendar is available the third Friday of each month. You can request to be put on the distribution list to receive the calendar via your cubby or emailed to you by completing the Action Form located in the calendar packet. You can also request a copy from any Community Building front desk. To submit your registration , drop your completed registration form (found in the back of the calendar packet) in the Special Trips drop slot located at the left side of any front desk. You do not need to submit payment with your registration form. All trip fees will be billed to your Riderwood account. You will receive your registration form back in your cubby within three to five days with a confirmation number for the trips you are registered for or an indication that you are on the wait list. In the event that cancellations occur, we will contact those on the wait list to hopefully fill any cancelled spots.

On the day of the trip, pickups occur at the front entrance to each community building. We ask that all attendees be ready at the indicated pick-up time in the event the driver comes to your building first. He will have a list with the names of all registered for that trip. If there are tickets, he will distribute those as well.

At Riderwood, campus activities are the cake and Special Trips is the icing. Are you ready to take a bite? If you have any questions about the Special Trips program or have any future trip suggestions, call Janet Birchfield, Special Trips Coordinator at 301-572-8471. You can also drop by my office in the Transportation office suite in Village Square.


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