Congratulations to the newly elected 2017 RAC members!

By Rita Hofbauer
Outgoing Chair, RAC Election Committee

Click here to view Rita Hofbauer’s announcement of the new RAC members on Riderwood TV On Demand. 

The 2017 RAC Elections are now completed and I am happy to announce that Dick Dowd, Carolyn Compton, Tom Kelley, Bette Martin and Suzan Wynne have been elected to the 2017 Resident Advisory Council. I thank them for their generous willingness to serve our community in this capacity. As you are aware, each RAC member serves as liaison to a particular Riderwood management department. Those assignments will be made and announced in the very near future.

Dick Dowd is beginning his second consecutive term and we welcome Carolyn Compton, Tom Kelley, Bette Martin and Suzan Wynne to their first membership on the RAC. I want to thank all the residents who served on the election committee as well. Their hard work and commitment helped move the process along with ease and success.

And finally, allow me to thank the many residents who participated in the elections. Supporting the RAC is your means of guaranteeing that we residents are ably represented to management and to the Board.

Our congratulations to the newly elected members!


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