Horticultural Technician Jennifer Brunt reminds readers of what “Mother Earth” has to offer

by Jennifer Brunt
Horticultural Technician

As we approach the time of year when all that has lain dormant through these winter months begins to spring back to life, we are reminded of all of the magnificent wonders that “Your Mother Earth,” has to offer. Many of us delve into preparations that allow us to enjoy all of nature’s splendor.

Among the many preparations here at Riderwood, we begin to prepare ’Your Earth Day Celebration!’ Our celebration provides an opportunity that all of us may come together in support of such a great cause and, share with one another our love and appreciation for ‘Mother Earth’ along with all the blessings she has always bestowed upon you!

This is also a time many of us take to reflect upon our actions and, account for the affect they have on all aspects of, not only, the planet’s health and well-being but, our very own health and well-being.

If, during this time, we could all commit to making a change in regards to our impact on the very thing that offers all that lives: sustenance, nourishment, enrichment, pleasure and the nurturing environment that is unmistakably the most important and vital aspect of every being’s existence, your earth will continue to flourish for many generations to come.

During the relatively short time in which I have been affiliated with Riderwood, it has become abundantly clear that many of our residents, staff and visitors alike are committed to ensuring that all of earth’s sustenance and beauty, do indeed remain intact, in order that she may flourish.

Many people do not consider the impact that even a small piece of litter, discarded with no regard, contributes to an ever increasing issue.

So much of this litter makes its way to our waterways. Not only does this greatly diminish our supply of fresh water, which is vital to life itself, objects such as plastic gloves, hairnets, bottles, cans and a long list of items too numerous to list, cause our marine life, mammals, reptilian and avian friends to become entangled, injured or killed.

During a time in which so much of the work that has already been done in an effort to help our planet thrive is threatened by any number of things such as over development, abuse and personal gain, it is imperative that we as citizens do not take for granted all of the splendor our world provides us.

It is my hope that all of us take the initiative to provide an advocating voice for all that is unable to speak for itself. Consider the effects of your actions and how they pertain to our survival. Make a commitment to dispose of trash properly. Or, take that commitment further by supporting an environmentally friendly cause.

There are multiple avenues that may be pursued. A few examples include the many organizations that tailor efforts toward the enhancement of programs such as: recycling, upcycling, repurposing or renewable energy. Many others provide benefits for: air, trees, land, sea, plants, crops and animals of every origin to name a few.

We can all make a difference. Love ‘Your Earth.’

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