The Performing Arts Council presents A Global Banquet of Colorful Dances by the Four Season Dancers

by Walter Rybeck
PAC member

Click here to view an interview about the Four Seasons Dancers’ performance on Riderwood TV Demand.

Gorgeous costumes, stunning variety, traditional music and dances, and lovely dancers whirling across the stage will combine for an evening of delight by the Four Seasons Dancers in Encore Theater on Friday, March 17. This is a Performing Arts Council event.

On Saint Patrick’s Day, for sure, there will be Irish dancing. The “on-stage trip” also takes us to almost a dozen countries including Uzbekistan, Israel, Italy, Ukraine, India and Russia, and back in America for the Charleston. Elena Indrokova Jones, the artistic director and choreographer of this local dance group, uses music and dance to let audiences enjoy the flavor of different cultures around the world.

After enduring the rigorous and demanding ballet training in her native Russia, Elena for two decades had leading roles with classical and modern ballet groups in Moscow and on tours throughout Russia, Asia, Europe and the United States. In America, while learning English, she started exercise classes that transformed into the Four Seasons Dancers in 2004.

Riderwood’s seniors will be inspired by the fact that most of the performers, as professional as they appear, are in their 40s and 50s and some never danced before joining the group. They have grown children, even grandchildren, and a wide range of day jobs. Their colorful and fabulous costumes are all designed and hand-made by Elena.

Tickets at $5 will be on sale in all dining rooms on the Monday and Tuesday before the show, March 13 and 14. Doors open at 7pm for the 7:30pm performance.

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