Ground Supervisor Jack Vargo presents illustrated lecture on Riderwood’s beautiful landscaped areas

by Nancy Pawliger
Continuing Education Committee member

As you stroll or drive through the beautifully landscaped areas of Riderwood, have you ever wondered how the plantings and pathways were designed and what it takes to keep them looking so lovely in all seasons of the year? To learn, join Jack Vargo, Riderwood Grounds Supervisor, on Friday, March 31 from 10:00am – 11:00am in the Village Square Music Room for an illustrated lecture, sponsored by the Continuing Education Committee.

Jack will share with us the initial landscaping designs for Riderwood, how they have been modified over time, and how he and his four member creative team have responded to the ever-changing needs of the property. Federal, state, and county regulations also must be adhered to and negotiations with contractors have to be conducted to secure required materials and labor while staying within budget.

Jack will also discuss how the Grounds Department is always striving to do work in more effective and environmentally sound ways. An example can be seen in replacing the large brittle clay flowerpots at the entrance to each community building with those made of a plastic resin. The new flowerpots need to be watered less, have better gardening results, and need to be replaced less often.

After his presentation, Jack will answer your questions about other resident-favorite Grounds Department activities including the Fishing Tournament, Winterfest, and Santa’s Chair. Looking forward to seeing you on March 31st.

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