Greetings from Administration – March 2017

I have often heard it said that “variety is the spice of life”. How boring it would be if everyone was the same. I certainly know that if everyone was like me, it would be one boring world. (Please, don’t send me points of exclamation on this!) There is a richness in each of us being unique and diverse that makes life infinitely interesting if we choose to open our eyes and reach out. Seeking to understand each other and learn from each other in an environment that includes everyone is one of the great joys of life! And, it goes to the heart of our mission of creating community here at Riderwood.

I want to thank the residents and staff who have come together here to be very intentional about our community’s approach to this thought. We have a Diversity and Inclusion Committee made up of staff and residents. The group works to ensure a welcoming, respectful, creative community. It reviews and enhances the multiple ways in which diversity and inclusion are implemented and celebrated. The Committee involves residents and staff by sponsoring campus-wide events featuring diverse aspects of life at Riderwood. We’ve had various series touching a wide array of topics. I’m pleased to serve on this Committee as Co-Chair along with resident Co-Chair Andrea Nicolls. Current resident members serving include Joyce Turner, Bette Martin, Bettie Young, Claire Kim, and Irma Sheon. Staff members currently serving on the Committee are Brian Koen, Amy Stewart, Rae McCullough, Rev. James Bell and Fiona Divecha. If you want to know anything about the workings of the Committee, please give them a call, and thank them for their work while you’re at it!

And, of course, we also celebrate our common humanity. In fact, the poet Maya Angelou said the following: “Human beings are more alike than unlike, and what is true anywhere is true everywhere. Perhaps travel can1not prevent bigotry, but demonstrating that all people laugh, cry, eat, worry and die—It can introduce an idea that if we try to understand each other, we may even become friends.”

Thank you for your part in making this a rich, diverse and friendly community. See you around!

– Gary Hibbs, Executive Director

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