From the Resident Director’s desk

by Jackson Bain
Board of Directors member

(Editor’s Note: Resident Director, Pat Davis, asked fellow Board member, Jackson Bain, to guest-write this month’s column; and here is his submission)

For three years, an advisory committee of National Senior Campuses has gathered predictions of future conditions in which our communities will operate, chosen reliable forecasts, and published that picture of tomorrow in an annual report.
The Vision Committee recently published its forecasts based on collected research over the past year, focusing on five changes that will have the greatest impacts on our communities: Politics and Economics, Healthcare and Wellness, Diversity and Demography, Technology, and Environment.

The report also includes recommendations for communities to consider in long-range strategic planning discussions. In the 2016 report, four changes over the next 15-20 years rise to the top:

  1. Likely Political / Social Shifts may result in domestic policies that have negative effects on critical public programs for older Americans, such as Social Security and Medicare. Our financial models may need to change to meet these pressures.
  2. Extended human longevity will offer opportunities and challenges in every corner of our business model, from higher resident acuity to adaption to a much older and possibly more frail population.
  3. The new Technology Economy by 2030 will be dominated by the wild west of Internet Everywhere. Significant, constant security challenges will combine with massively efficient computing power to change how we learn, discover and lead every moment of our lives.
  4. Environmental Changes are real, and they are accelerating. Some communities have already begun to implement local solutions to reduce our carbon contribution and support reduced energy consumption.

The Vision Report is available online at or printed copies may be read in the Administrative Office located in Lakeside Commons. We welcome resident and staff feedback!


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