From the RAC – March 2017

I am Bud Bare the RAC member with liaison to the dining services. I’d like to share with you a few of my thoughts on signature dining since we are over a month into its implementation. I’ve heard from a number of you; some support signature dining, some don’t think it is a good idea, and some who are enthusiastic about some aspects, but think there is work to be done on some problem areas. The last group is by far the largest and they won’t be satisfied until some things are improved. This group feels that management is taking corrective action and they are willing to give management time to do this.

As I have admitted all the hiccups in the introduction of this new dining haven’t been resolved. However, I would submit that the dining service management should be applauded for the effort they have taken on our behalf. I hope you have noticed the presence of Jeff Kimbell, John Porter, and Chad Wisner in the various dining rooms for the last several weeks, during the evening hours and on weekends. Because of this work a number of menu changes have been made and this will continue.

As those of you who attended the last conversation with administration meeting know. Jeff reported that dining specials will be introduced and gradually expanded. Ten percent of the menu will be changed monthly and 25 percent quarterly. Signature dining will continue to evolve. You can help this process by telling the management in the restaurant where you experience a problem in person or fill out the comment cards in each restaurant. Working together we can make signature a great dining experience.

PS. The dining staff wants your negative feedback so they can get better, but don’t forget that the comment cards can be used to tell your server when they did their job in a way that pleased you. We all want to hear when we’ve done a good job and our young wait staff is no different.

– Bud Bare, Liaison to Dining Services


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