The Erickson Living Values Team urges all to continue nominating staff

By Anita James
Erickson Living Values Team Member

The Erickson Living Values Team (ELVT) would like to thank you for nominating staff members for the Erickson Living Values award! Staff who wins this award gets a day off with pay, a monetary reward, and recognition for their great work. If you see someone going above and beyond their job duties, please pick up a nomination form, available in each community building at the Bulletin Boards, write their name and department, and write down the story of what they did. Then turn it in to any ELVT member (listed on the back of the form), drop it off to the Human Resources Department in Town Center or email the nomination to

A HUGH thank you for those who participated in the ELVT sponsored Mission Valentine event in February! Many staff and residents recognized the dedication and hard work Riderwood team members do every day! Thank you to those who took the time to write a message and acknowledge Riderwood staff.

Our March value is the Erickson Way, which is defined by the Erickson Living values and cultivates personal relationships. We strive to engage our colleagues, customers, and partners which is critical to the success of our community. The Erickson Way is built on the seven Erickson Values and is the guiding principle that is reflected in all we do.


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