Local Cub Scouts visit Riderwood Wood Shop

By Almeda Girod
Resident Writer

The Wood Shop in Charles Terrace was a beehive of activity on a recent Saturday when more than 20 local Cub Scouts came to have Riderwood volunteers use special saws to cut their derby car designs.

Each boy had been given a kit that included a wood block. They made drawings to create
innovative cars to enter into the pinewood derby. The cars need to be painted and have wheels added to complete. The cub scouts are in first through fifth grade and the local Silver Spring pack are 80 boys in five dens. They graduate to Boy Scouts in the sixth grade.

Lyle Turner, a den leader, stresses that the pinewood derby’s main goal is to “have fun” even though there are some rules and the boys learn to work within these guidelines. Each participant has four chances to race their car and can use the best time. Not only is the fastest car a winner but there is recognition for the most creative as well as the Turtle award (slowest) and Most Ugly. Lyle comments that the “bar was set high” last year when the most creative car had a Volcano on top where dry ice created smoke.

Entertaining these young boys with their parents (and even one grandfather) has become an eight year tradition at RWV. Bill Beaver coordinated the event this year with helpers Don Righter, Richard Hessinger, Robert Jessup, Bob Ciocci, Preston James, and Jack McMahon.

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