Riderwood Business Partners honored for their charitable contributions

By Judy Felsenfeld
Volunteer Coordinator

On February 15, 2017 the Philanthropy Department of Riderwood hosted the Riderwood  Business Partners’ Breakfast. The purpose of the event was to thank Riderwood vendors and business partners for a very successful year and partnership. The Executive Team, Philanthropy and staff from different departments attended to acknowledge the companies for their outstanding service to residents and community.

The business partners invited have made a charitable contribution to the 2016
Benevolent Care Fund (BCF). Gary Hibbs, Riderwood Executive Director, commended all for the work they do for our community and for giving back to our BCF. He also presented the  2016 BCF Donor Award to Dan Sweeney,  owner of Cypress Contracting. Each year Dan’s company donates $20,000 to the BCF. Fiona Divecha, Philanthropy and Resident Life Manager, spoke about the BCF and thanked the donors for their contributions.

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