Riderwood’s Association of Woodcrafters welcomes new members to join them

by Don Michaels
Member, Riderwood Wood Shop

The purpose of the Association of Woodcrafters is to provide residents having an interest and some proficiency in woodworking with top-notch equipment and a suitable place in which to pursue their hobby.

The Wood Shop is located on the Terrace level of Charles Terrace, opposite Apartment CT-T08. It is well equipped with both power and hand tools, dust removal and venting system, and several work tables. There is a paint room with vented hood to control vapors. To ensure the safety of all, entrance is secured by cipher-lock, and common-sense safety rules require that at least two persons be present when specified high-power tools are used. Opportunities can be provided for members with limited experience to learn from more seasoned experts how to safely operate advanced equipment. In addition to personal projects, many members repair furniture for themselves and other residents. A small annual membership fee (currently $10.00) is assessed to cover the cost of expendables and equipment maintenance.

Members invite you to drop down and take a look. You’ll find someone there most weekday mornings.


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