The African American History Club celebrates Women’s History Month with stimulating program

By Andrea Nicolls
Member, African American History Club

In March, the African American History Club will celebrate Women’s History Month and present a stimulating and somewhat different program from what we have presented in the past. It centers around the work of two African American research mathematicians. Dr. Bonita Saunders and Dr. Fern Hunt. They will discuss their careers working for the National Institute of Standards and Technology. According to the organization’s website, NIST is dedicated to promoting U.S. innovation and industrial competitiveness by advancing measurement science, standards and technology to enhance our economic security and improve our way of life.

The two mathematicians will discuss their backgrounds, what attracted them to mathematics and some of the exciting research they have worked on over the years. They will also discuss how to attract and prepare minority students for careers in the sciences and technology.

All residents and staff are invited to join us on Wednesday, March 22 at 2pm in the Encore Theater to welcome and listen to our esteemed guests. With the popularity of the Oscar nominated movie Hidden Figures (Click here to see a trailer of the movie), this event promises to be enlightening and exciting.

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