After 8 years, Writers Guild still promotes resident writing! Join them for a meeting

By Martha Robinson
Resident Writer

In 2009 a small group of residents formed the Riderwood Writers Guild. They were inspired by a popular PGCC “Write Your Own Story” class taught by the late Dorothy Sucher.  “The Guild has been meeting on 4th Mondays ever since,” says Ion Deaton. “It continues to be a place for us to read and share what we are writing and to encourage each other.”

Early on, Guild members decided to restart publication of Tales from Riderwood, which was silent during 2007 and 2008 when then editor Pat Beattie was no longer able to continue. As sponsored by the Guild, Tales writers have entertained readers with a variety of life experiences about tough times and light-hearted moments, about war, careers, and what matters most.

A bound volume of Tales from Riderwood, containing stories and poetry about family, friends, heroes, careers, travel, memories, and ideas, is in each neighborhood library. There, you can read a spellbinder by Kate Lorber about getting her family away from artillery fire and out of Pakistan. Or look up Robert Mikesh’s piece on being trained to survive captivity and interrogation, and Frank Erk’s story about the greatest game in baseball. There are also essays on early computer music composition, what caused the Apollo 6 to explode, the evolution of magnets, and a recent discussion about the meaning of life, questioning if it is found in books, our minds, religion, and if we even need an answer.

The Writers Guild invites all residents to its meetings— would-be writers, those who never expect to publish anything, and those who have been published. Submissions to Tales from Riderwood may be emailed to Watch the bulletin boards for regular Writers Guild and Tales announcements.


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