Valentines Day: Residents Jessie Herron and Don Hawkins share their love story

by Almeda Girod
Resident Writer

On Valentine’s Day, our thoughts turn to love, courtship, and marriage. One of the newer married couples at Riderwood is Jessie Heron and Don Hawkins who have been married for two years.

jessiedonhawkinsJessie moved from Scotland to the US in 1965. Don’s family were members of New York Presbyterian Church when Jessie first attended. Don’s mother-in-law (Mrs. MacColl) befriended Jessie and often invited her to her home for a “wee cup of tea” and to share their common Scottish roots. Jessie explains, “we Scottish people take care of each other.” Jessie became an extended member of the MacColl family that included Don, his wife, Helen, and their four children. Don and Helen moved to Riderwood in 2003 and Jessie came in 2004. All three became involved in the Village Protestant Church. The Potomac Café became a common meeting place for a large group of friends. Sadly, Helen passed away in 2012 after a long illness.

Shared interests continued for Jessie and Don. Jigsaw puzzles in the Village Square lounge after dinner were a frequent occurrence and their relationship continued to grow.Jessie and Don were married in the Riderwood Chapel on October 18, 2014, followed by a reception in the Celebrations Room.

Don has continued his interest in wood carving and golf and Jessie “in helping people along the way.” And, yes, they can be found most evenings after dinner working jigsaw puzzles together in the Village Square lobby.

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