We heard your feedback! New & improved Press Alerts available for order right NOW

by Andrew Janosko
Security Manager

One of the many wonderful things about living at Riderwood are the safety features designed to assist our residents when they are in need. An example is our pullcord system. One pull on the cord and the Security dispatcher is alerted, sending help in the form of a Security Officer/EMT to that location.

As many of our residents are aware, part of that system is what we call a press alert. This electronic button, worn as a bracelet or a pendant, allows a user to call for help when they are not near a pullcord or a phone. Approximately six years ago, the press alert system was upgraded from servicing only the inside of a user’s apartment, to anywhere indoors on Riderwood’s campus. The press alert itself was updated, and while the changes were viewed as an upgrade, there was feedback from many residents on how the device could be improved. This feedback was passed along to our vendor, and now we have a new edition of the press alert that we will be issuing to all residents.

The new press alert is approximately 60 percent smaller than the current version. The button is recessed to help prevent accidental activation, and when the button is activated, the pendant vibrates and lights up, confirming for the user that the alert signal has been sent.  The button is water resistant to three feet, so it can be worn in the shower. The wristband material has also been changed from cloth to plastic, making it more comfortable to wear in a wet environment.

The new press alerts are available for order right now. The cost of a new press alert, as outlined in the 2017 Ancillary fees is $125 for installation, and $22 a month for service and maintenance. If you do not have a press alert and would like to enquire about getting one, please contact Security Dispatch at (301) 572-8391. If you already have a press alert, you will be provided the new press alert when your current press alert reaches the end of its service life.  If you have any further questions about press alerts that were not answered in this article, please contact Andrew Janosko at (301) 572-8399 ext. 606-2234.


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