Get answers to your questions about new HD cable boxes

By Mickey Thaxton
Associate Executive Director

For full information on the Comcast Xfinity HDTV Upgrade, click here to view the Comcast Town Hall Meeting 

How many cable boxes can I get for my apartment?

Each apartment is eligible to receive one set-top box (larger box) and two digital converter boxes (smaller box). There is no added charge to your monthly bill for the cable service unless you upgrade to additional services.


What is the difference between the two boxes?

The larger box, called the set-top box, has the capability to access “On Demand” shows and movies. The smaller boxes do not have that capability.


Will the HD cable box work with my standard definition TV?

Yes, the HD cable box has outputs for both HD and standard TVs. Even if you currently do not have an HD TV, we encourage you to have an HD box installed, so that in the future if you buy an HD TV, you will be able to receive cable service in HD.


I already have an HD set top box, when and how will I receive a credit?

After the conversion is completed, Comcast will remove the $9.95 charge from your account.


If I have a DVR, will there be any changes?

No, if you have a DVR, you will continue to be billed by Comcast for your DVR service. Nothing will change.


Will my remote look different with an HD box, as compared to my current one?

Yes, the new remotes for the HD boxes do look different, but are fairly simple to use. The basic functions of turning the TV on and off, adjusting the volume, changing channels, etc. will all remain the same.


Will the channel numbers be different?

The channel listing for the basic channels will not change with the new box. However, if you want to watch the same channels in HD, the listing will be different than your current one. The new HD channel listing will be provided to you at the time of install, and will also be available at the front desk after the transition is complete.


What does it mean that I am responsible for the cable boxes?

Each resident (or designated family member) will be responsible for returning the cable boxes when the account is disconnected.


Why do I have to give the last four numbers of my social security number?

Providing the last four numbers is a security measure that prevents unauthorized persons from making changes to your account. If you do not want to provide the last four digits of your social security number, you may choose any four digits as your pin.


How do I make changes to my account?

Call the Comcast Call Center at 1-855-638-2855.


How many new channels will be added with the HD service package?

82 new channels will be added with the HD service package.


When will conversion take place?

Currently, we are anticipating a start date of mid-February.


How will I know when the conversion is taking place?

The General Services team will send communications as to when we are anticipating switching out the boxes in your neighborhood.


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