Get to Know the Department: Rehabilitation

By Lois Errera
Rehab Manager

The Rehabilitation Department provides services to residents and employees with physical, neurological and cognitive disabilities or injuries to restore optimal functionality in daily life. This is done through individualized evaluations and treatment to address each person’s unique needs. Outpatient (OP) Rehab has offices in Montgomery Station and Arbor Ridge. Inpatient Rehab has gyms in Oak Grove 2 in Arbor Ridge.

Our staff is dedicated to Riderwood and its residents. Many of our staff have been here for years, but we have recently added a few new people to our team who show that same spark of service and passion for excellence. Here is an introduction to this fabulous group of professionals:

Rehab Technicians:

Denesia Souvenir (OP)

Ginette LaPlante (ABR)

Rickea Quarles (OP)

Speech Language Pathologists:

Diane Morehead (OP, ABR)

Becky Kropp (ABR)

Occupational Therapists:

Yvonne Roberts (ABR)

Marie Dixon (OP, ABR)

Maria Rehmann (ABR)

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants:

Jackie Mathews (ABR, OP)

Patty Kanaga (ABR)

Physical Therapists:

Deborah Andes (OP)

Rachelle DeRamos (OP)

Evan Crowell (OP, ABR)

Archana Sapariya (ABR)

Chad Jones (ABR)

Karen Hill (OP)

Garima Pandey (OP)

Physical Therapy Assistants:

Carol Miller (OP, ABR)

Jim Newman (ABR, OP)

Theresa Symonds (ABR)


Lois Errera


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