Conversation with Administration – January 2017

By Wendy Ferris
Associate Executive Director

Please come and join the next “Conversation with Administration” at 2:00 pm on Thursday, February 16, in Lakeside Commons’ Encore Theater.

These monthly conversations provide an opportunity for residents to share concerns and receive feedback. They also help Administration understand what we can do to improve customer service.  Questions and answers may be altered or rephrased for this column without changing the accuracy of the information presented.

The following reflects the highlights of Conversation with Administration conducted in December.


  • In updates with our Comcast service at Riderwood we will be switching to high definition programming for residents’ television service beginning in February. Comcast will switch out residents’ cable boxes with HD devices. If you haven’t submitted your form to allow Comcast to enter your apartment for this purpose, please do so. You can drop the form off at any front desk. This is a free upgrade and should enhance residents’ television viewing experience. Please look for more information to come.
  • In updates from our General Services Department, snow preparations are underway. Snow removal plans are prioritized for safety. The chapel heating and air conditioning units are now repaired and working correctly. For the awning numbering project, the project has been approved in the budget, and we will be moving forward with the plans. We would also like to encourage residents to call into General Services call-in program on Riderwood TV. The program is aired first Tuesday of every month from 10:00 am to 10:30 am. Give us a call as we would love to hear from you.
  • In updates for Resident Life, we would like to welcome Riderwood’s new TV and AV manager, Chris Taydus. Chris comes to us from Oak Crest and brings many skills and nine years of great experience with him to Riderwood. When you see Chris, please say hello.
  • In our Sales updates, we are having a very good year. We will be closing out 2016 with 230 settlements, which is five above our business plan. It is also the highest year-end settlement we’ve experienced in many years. This translates to a little over 250 new residents moving in. Currently, we have 64 open apartments, sixteen of which are on hold. This means we have only 48 available apartments. This compares favorably to last year when we had an inventory of almost 100 available apartments. We had a variety of sales events in the month of November. We had about 100 priority list members Our occupancy rate for the end of November was 96.0 percent, which is phenomenal. We appreciate all the help we get from our residents who help to show prospective residents what a great place Riderwood is to live in.
  • For updates to our parking reallocation project we have been monitoring the results of the changes. We are working with some areas on campus that need further modification, but overall, the new parking configuration has complimented nicely with the new exterior badge door project. Thank you for everyone’s patience during the transition.

Questions and comments by Residents:

  1. When will we know the results of the Resident Survey?

We will be having a State of the Community Town Hall meeting on Wednesday, February 22 at 2:00 pm in Montgomery Stations Maryland Hall where we will be sharing the survey results as well as other items of interest such as financial updates with the community.

  1. What will be some of the benefits of the Comcast HD boxes that we will be getting?

You should expect a clearer picture on your tv. Those residents who already have HD will no longer need to pay for the service. It is an upgrade to your television service for no additional charge.

  1. Sometimes people take additional muffins out of the dining rooms, and there are none left for people who dine in later. Can you remind people to be mindful of others?

We would like to remind everyone that we live in a community and need to make sure that our actions reflect that. Please be considerate of your neighbor and take only your fair share. We can also look into how we distribute food items that are fairly mobile.

  1. Are there updates for the Town Center renovations?

There will be a town hall meeting on Wednesday, February 1 at 2:00 pm in Montgomery Stations Maryland Hall to present updates for the Long Term Planning Project for Town Center.

  1. What fire stations service the Riderwood campus?

The Prince George’s County Beltsville Station 41Fire Company and the Montgomery County Station 15 Burtonsville and Hillandale Station 712 Fire Company respond to calls from Riderwood.

  1. How can I give driving directions to new visitors on campus?

At each corner on campus, there are signs that give directions to the five community buildings. You can direct your guests to follow those directional signs.


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