From the Resident Director’s desk – February 2017

By Pat Davis
Resident Board of Directors Member

Riderwood Village, like all 18 Erickson-managed communities, is governed by a Board of Directors. In turn, all the community boards are supported by the National Senior Campuses (NSC) Board of Directors; and much of the work of that group takes place through its seven advisory committees. Most members of our own Riderwood Board serve on one or more of the NSC committees. For example, for the past year, I’ve been a member of the vision committee.

This year I’d like to introduce residents to the work of every one of those committees by inviting a member to describe each group’s area of responsibility through a brief article in this space. Next month you’ll be hearing from Jackson Bain, a long-time member of our Riderwood Board and Chair of the Vision Committee. Other committees you will learn about in coming months include Audit; Budget and Finance; Governance and Internal Affairs; Diversity, Inclusion and Corporate Social Responsibility; Investment and Treasury; and Operations and Risk Management. The titles may sound dry and boring, but the work is critically important!

Throughout 2017 our Riderwood Board will continue to meet quarterly, with our first meeting scheduled for February 17th. In addition, Riderwood’s 3-person Community Relations Committee (CRC), which is the arm of the board focused specifically on Riderwood, will meet here more frequently throughout the year. The CRC enjoys having lunch with a small group of residents each time we gather. If you’d like to join us for a meal, please let me know. You can email me at


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