The General Services department reminds residents of their snow removal priority plan

By Lance Severance
General Services Director

As we enter the winter months, the General Service Department would like to remind residents of our general snow removal priority plan. As always, the safety and security of our residents are our highest priority.

The following priorities will be used for snowfalls of 12 inches or less and will be adjusted, as necessary, for significant snow falls:

  1. Priority One (Clear Emergency Routes, Employee Parking Lots, and Delivery Access)
    • Main entrances to Riderwood
    • Main campus roadways
    • Main entrances to community buildings
    • Residential building entrances adjacent to elevators
    • Community building parking lots and loading docks
  2. Priority Two (Clear Access to Resident and Visitor Parking Lots)
    • Residential and employee parking lots
    • Remaining residential building entrances
    • Sidewalks immediately adjacent to community and residential buildings 15-minute loading/unloading parking spaces
  3. Priority Three (Clear Access to Connecting Sidewalks and Paths)
    • Sidewalks along roadways, pond, and courtyard paths
  4. Priority Four (Clean resident cars and parking spaces as requested)
    • Clean resident cars at their request (fee applies)

If you have any questions about snow removal, please call the General Services office at 301-572-8355, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

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