Kick off the New Year with a self-care and relaxation workshop

Erica Greenspan
MST Social Worker

January is a special time – each year we are offered a fresh start. Which habits will you introduce to your life, what baggage will you rid your life of? The new year brings about a time for reflection, but also a chance to prepare for the long winter ahead. Now that the hubbub of the holidays is coming to a close, join us for an afternoon of introspection and self-care.

The Social Work team invites you to participate in a Self-Care and Relaxation workshop on Thursday, January 26th from 1:00- 2:00pm in the Town Center Classroom. Learn how to identify common triggers and the symptoms of stress, as well as how to best cope with the everyday stressors in our lives. Various mind/body relaxation techniques will be taught. Experiment with multi-sensory activities to discover which of your five senses brings about the most calmness for you. This workshop will also introduce you to ongoing activities and opportunities for relaxation across the Riderwood community. We encourage all to participate in this fun and educational workshop!


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