From the Resident Director’s desk

By Pat Davis
Resident Board of Directors Member

Pat Davis, Resident Board of Directors MemberTwice each year, in May and December, representatives of the Riderwood Board of Directors meet with all interested residents of the community. Most recently, on December 12th Community Relations Committee (CRC) members Eileen Erstad, Joanne Rorapaugh and I collaborated with Executive Director Gary Hibbs and Finance Director Mark Embley in hosting such a meeting. It was well-attended and may be seen online at

The focus of the recent meeting was on the 2017 budget, including discussion of the percentage increases in the Monthly Service Package for independent living and extended-care residents as well as the business plan for the coming year. Informative slides that accompanied the presentation are available for review in the Administration office.

Also on that day other important CRC meetings took place including one with the Executive Team, another with the full Resident Advisory Council (RAC), and a third with potential candidates for election to the RAC.

Since the November/December All-Staff meetings happened to be occurring on the same day, CRC members had an opportunity to sit in on one of those gatherings with a cross-section of employees. It included team-building exercises, dissemination of information, drawings for holiday gifts, and an expression of the Board’s gratitude to all those who work so hard on behalf of our residents. Everyone was reminded that Riderwood is far more than a senior residence; it is truly an intergenerational community of caring.

The Board extends to all who live in and work on behalf of that community, warm wishes for a happy, healthy new year.

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