Get to Know the Department: Custom Interiors/ Project Management

By Diane Johnson-Sipes
Project Manager

The Dream Team is, in fact, four individuals who work at Riderwood under the flag of General Services. We are the Custom Interiors and Project Management departments, and we love the team we work with every day. We also like to work with residents and see their dreams realized in their new homes here at Riderwood. We all have taken different roads to get here, but the path has lead us to this highly efficient team that gets it done every day.

The Custom Interiors/Project Management Team
Pictured from left to right: Samantha Pack, Ed Rudock, Diane Johnson-Sipes, Ann Standrod

I am Diane Johnson-Sipes, Project Manager, and have been at Riderwood for 12 years. I am an interior designer and originally from New York. Since moving to D.C., I have worked as a photographer at the Smithsonian, owned a home store in Bethesda, and was the Design Director at Bloomingdales. The idea of using my talents and working with residents is what drew me to Riderwood.

Samantha Pack’s journey first started back in the year 2000 when she was hired as a high school worker in the Fireside Restaurant. She left during her college years, and returned in 2007, this time as a member of the General Services team. She was amazed and impressed at the community’s growth. She has just celebrated her nine-year anniversary with General Services and is now the Facilities Project Coordinator.

Ed Rudock, Custom Interiors Coordinator, has been at Riderwood since February 2015. However, he also worked at Riderwood in this same position from August 2005 through June 2006. During the intervening time, he held positions at a few area furniture stores working as a design consultant as well as a short stint as owner/ designer of his own interior design firm. Before coming to Riderwood in 2005, he lived in South Florida where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and worked for a design firm specializing in model home design for builders in the South Florida area.

Ann Standrod, Custom Interiors Coordinator, is the newest member of our team. Ann is also an interior designer who joined us in June of this year. Ann’s past experiences involved sales, interior design and visual merchandising. Before coming to Riderwood, she served as the visual director for three senior living communities in our area.

We all find it fulfilling to be able to assist our residents in creating a home that they can be comfortable in and proud of while enjoying the lifestyle that Riderwood has to offer. What can we do to make your dreams come true?

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