Courtesy wheelchairs available for use at each front desk

By Eddie Bharucha
Communications Manager

Often times, we get asked, “Can I borrow a wheelchair please?” At each front desk, we have two wheelchairs available for short-term use. If a resident (or visitor) is in need of a wheelchair to be used to get from the lobby to an apartment, or another destination on campus, we are happy to sign out a chair for your accommodation. Often times, we find that the wheelchairs are not returned promptly, and therefore, are not available for others to borrow. The purpose of having wheelchairs available to you or your visitors is to help navigate a distance which may be difficult to walk. If you require the use of a wheelchair for more than a few hours, it’s best to rent a wheelchair from a local rental place. For example, if you need to keep a wheelchair overnight, and need to use it for a period of time, we recommend that you go the rental route. Our wheelchairs at the desk are there as a courtesy to our residents and guests, and we ask that they are returned to the front desk within a few hours.Our wheelchairs are for use on

Our wheelchairs are for use on the property only. Please do not take these wheelchairs outside of Riderwood. When wheelchairs are taken off property, the legs are often removed and lost. This causes hardship and creates a safety issue for the next person using the wheelchair. Most doctor’s offices have wheelchairs for use when you visit and can borrow one from there. If a wheelchair is needed to take off our campus for a particular circumstance, we can do it on a case-by-case basis. Prior approval is required.

We thank you for your cooperation in this community effort to always have chairs available for use.

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