The Arts Council of Riderwood announces juried exhibits of resident art for the new year!

By Suzan Wynne
Arts Council Member

The Arts Council of Riderwood, comprised of residents and representatives from our management team, is pleased to announce the first of three juried exhibits of resident art in 2017. The Council has identified a panel of non-resident jurors to select the art to be exhibited. The first exhibit will open in early March at Lakeside Commons. The plan is for those works to be exhibited there until June and then move to another Riderwood neighborhood, allowing a new group of work to be exhibited at Lakeside Commons. By the end of 2017, we hope to have exhibits at three Riderwood neighborhoods. When Town Center’s lobby repositioning is completed, an exhibit will be mounted there as well.

All types of visual art will be considered for inclusion. Three-dimensional art work will be displayed at strategic spots in the lobbies and other public areas of the Riderwood neighborhoods, while wall art will be hung together in designated gallery areas.

Resident artists are invited to pick up an application packet available at front desks in early February. The packet includes contact information for current members of the Arts Council.

Residents wishing to exhibit their art without review by a juror should contact your neighborhood Community Resources staff person about exhibiting on the display shelves in the art studios.


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